March 24, 2010

Five Questions: Aaron Franklin

Few players in Oklahoma's class of 2010 have remained a greater mystery than Marshall, Texas linebacker Aaron Franklin. That's why caught up with the 6-foot-1, 206-pound linebacker to help Sooner fans get to know him a bit better in a feature we call "Five questions".

Clark Foy: What person has had the biggest impact on you so far in life?

Aaron Franklin: My mother and my grandmother. They were always with me, took me practices when I was little, took care of me, basically just gave me everything I needed.

CF: What's your nickname amongst your buddies, teammates?

AF: I go by a bunch of stuff; Frank, A. Frank, A. Weezo - I have no idea, they just started calling me it.

CF: What type of movies are you into?

AF: Action movies, I love action movies, like Transporter, I can't think of them right off the top of my head. I just saw Shutter Island, I kind of liked that movie, it was real interesting.

CF: What are you most excited about in your first year at Oklahoma?

AF: Getting to meet my new teammates and players on the team and getting to play football at a D-1 college. Traveling to different places, playing against teams that I've always watched on TV, like the Cotton Bowl and stuff like that. I actually grew up a Texas fan. With OU, I just felt right, I felt like they were telling me the truth. A lot of schools will tell you stuff, and I just felt like they were being truthful, Coach (Josh) Huepel, Coach (Brent) Venables, and Coach (Bob) Stoops were all real good.

CF: What are your expectations for your career at Oklahoma?

AF: Being able to, first off, earn my spot and compete for it. I'd like to win some defensive awards, a Big 12, stuff like that. I'd like to make an impact off the field or on special teams or something. It'd be cool to get to go in an earn my spot immediately, but that's going to take a lot of hard work, which I'm not afraid of.

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