2015 Breakdown: Best Athletes in Florida

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FlaVarsity expert analyst James Coleman II begins his annual breakdown of the best athletes in the state - and starts with - the Athletes.
A special kind of football player, one that never comes off the field. The athlete is usually a two-way player that excels on offense and defense and makes a huge impact.
Coleman, a former fullback at Florida State University - has seen these athletes in the film room and at the UnderArmour Underclassmen combine. He'll be at the Rivals Camp Series - Presented by UnderArmour to further his research.
Here's his breakdown of the 2015 Athletes in the State of Florida.
The Skinny: James is the type of athlete that can play anywhere but would be wasted if he was not used on defense. He reminds me of Antonio Cromartie out of high school. Has great fluidity in his hips which means that he can play any spot in the secondary with his speed
With his size at 6'3 he is the new age corner and at 185 and probably being closer to 200 when his career is over can be a monster. He can really lay the wood, jam up WRs and covers sideline to sideline very well. It looks like he is at top speed in first 3 steps which makes him a TD waiting to happen
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The Skinny: I'd rank him higher because he seemingly likes to play special teams and when you want to get on the field fast that's what you have to do.
His ability to block kicks and in the return game make him invaluable. He's runs way bigger than his physical stats say he should and reminds me of Duke Johnson.
I see him as a RB all the way especially in the ACC. He stretches the field in a way that you want your offensive skill players to do it
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The Skinny: Burgess-Becker is - in a word - explosive. He makes his QB look better by making difficult catches.
He catches it breaks tackles then gets up field quickly. Great YAC. He reminds me of - and I would compare him to - Anquan Boldin - in the way he plays
He does a great job at high pointing the ball. I like him as a WR
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Analysis: I'm going to be blunt here - it's a waste of time and talent if he doesn't play running back. He is fast and physical - will run thru you or around you.
He has great vision to see the hole and he doesn't make unnecessary moves which allows him to get up field faster.
He can separate from defenders and get you the tough yards, which makes him a threat to score every play.
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