Bush brings a great deal of confidence to the secondary

If there was one word that would best describe Deon Bush, it would be confidence. The junior, safety from Columbus high school has great ability and will tell you about it. He brings a tremendous fire to the field and brings the attitude that nobody can stop him. He has the size, speed, and athleticism to be a game-changing defensive back at the collegiate level and really showed some of that this past weekend.
"I was up at that 7-on-7 tryout for the South Florida Express this weekend and I had a good time. I did great. I was really confident going against the receivers and they were some of the best in the state. Brandon Snell from Miami Norland and Avery Johnson from Ely were out there and they are great at receiver. Oh, and Stacey Coley from Northeast was out there. He is only a sophomore and he is going to be really good. They were playing really good out there, but I definitely did well against all of them. I actually played on the 7-on-7 team last year, so I was ready to go this year."
If Bush keeps up the hard work, there will be plenty of schools knocking at his door. He doesn't have a leader for his recruitment, although one school stands out to him, but he definitely knows what he wants out of a university.
"I want to go to a place with a fun atmosphere, cool coaching staff and a school with a good graduation rate for their players. I want to graduate college, so that is important. I really want to win and I need a school that feels that way. I don't go there just to go to the league. I want to do well and win while I am in college. Actually, I was up at the University of Miami Junior Day a few weeks ago and that was a great time. I am going again this weekend. It was great to meet the new staff and Coach Golden. They are all committed to winning and they are a really cool staff. They want to win and turn the program around. I like that about them. He's a really cool coach and very down to earth."
Bush feels the Hurricanes are close to offering, however he is very open to anyone who shows interest in him, including the 4 schools that have already offered him a scholarship.
"Purdue, Florida International, Rutgers, and Ole Miss have offered me. I am very open at the moment and am really looking at everyone. Miami, LSU, Florida, and Vanderbilt have been contacting me a lot lately. I get stuff from Miami all the time. I went to three Miami games this year, as well as a game up at Purdue University to see my brother play. My brother, Gary Bush, is a receiver at Purdue and he really likes it there."
Bush has great size and speed and can probably play multiple positions on offense and defense at the next level, but there is one position that he loves above all.
"I will definitely play in the secondary in college, but depending on my size, I am not sure if I will player cornerback or safety. I am open to where the coaches feel I would be better at. If I stay at my current size of 6-foot-1 and 185 lbs, then I guess I would stay at corner, but I plan on getting bigger so we'll see. I love being physical at the line, but my confidence is what is going to take me to the next level. I go out there thinking I can stop anyone and anything in front of me and that makes everything else come in to place. That is why I like Antonio Cromartie so much. I watch him all the time. He is so physical and big. He probably needs to improve on his pressing a little more, but he is so fast, he can just make up for anyone that gets by him. He can lock down anyone."
With his junior year a thing of the past, Bush is focusing on growth, maturity and leadership to finish out his career. He was pleased with his junior year, but is ready to put that behind him and is looking forward to an improved senior season.
"Junior year was fun, but it could have been so much better. I am very focused on my senior year. I want to show that I am a leader and lead us to a championship. After the loss to Northwestern last year, I went straight into the weight room. I have put on 15 lb's since we lost that game. I am very focused this year. I am going to show everyone what hard work can do. If we all work hard, we won't be stopped. I want to push everyone, especially the younger guys."
Bush looks forward to playing and competing with the elite at the next level and mentioned a few major prospects from the sunshine state that he would like to play with.
"I'd love to play with my teammate Brandon Radcliffe, Tracey Howard from Miramar, and AJ Leggett from Gulliver Prep. Those are my boys. To be honest, there are a lot of good players I would like to play with. The good ones should stick together."