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Eighteen players from Florida ranked in Rivals100

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Florida has always been known as a football hotbed. From the competition to the talent, college coaches from around the country focus their attention on Florida's bevy of talent.
The class of 2013 will once again deliver on that theory - according to Rivals.com and the latest Rivals100 rankings.
No less than 18 of the top 100 players are in Florida, including Lake City-Colubmia OL Laremy Tunsil and Wharton DB Vernon Hargreaves III.
"In any given year, Florida has one or two positions that are loaded with talent," said state of Florida recruiting analyst Chris Nee. "Across the board, the state has talent. This year, running backs and wide receivers are dominating the state of Florida."
"About the only position the state seems to lack a number of great players is quarterback," Nee said. "The state lends itself to really talented athletes playing quarterback, but not necessarily a top-ranked quarterback."
Rivals will release the Top 250 Thursday around 11:30 ET.
"There will be more Florida talent in the 250," Nee said. "There are probably over 50 guys that we considered in Florida."
Throughout the year, Rivals.com will update its player rankings and position rankings. Expect to see players move in and out of the rankings as the season progresses.
"The first one is always the hardest to put together," said Rivals.com Southeast analyst Keith Niebuhr. "You have to track down their film. Guys will emerge later. We had guys that didn't make the original 250 last year that ended up in the Top 100."
FlaVarsity.com will release its Top 20 listing February 23 and its Top 100 March 5.
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