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FlaVarsity ranks the top athletes in Florida

When a player is listed as an "Athlete", rather than with a certain position, it means that they have the ability to play multiple positions at the next level. It could be someone that plays quarterback in high school, but projects as a wide receiver at the collegiate level or a player that plays safety in high school, but projects as a linebacker in the future.
There are 16 players listed as athletes and to be honest, there are more that could fall under that list. A player such as Nelson Agholor, the wide receiver from Berkeley Prep, could play receiver or cornerback at the next level and not miss a beat. That shows how athletic he truly is.
From those listed as an "Athlete", Eddie Williams is our highest ranked player. The 6-foot-4, 200 pound student-athlete from Arnold high school is an absolute freak on the field. He has the size to play linebacker and the speed to play safety. He projects as a safety at the next level, atleast for the first season on campus. Ricardo Louis, the 6-foot-2, 190 pound athlete from Miami Beach high school is one of the most smooth players in the state, as well as the country. He projects as a wide receiver in the future, but could easily move to the secondary. Guito Ervilus, the 6-foot-5, 225 pound player from Oak Ridge high school is tough to judge since he will miss all or most of his senior season due to an injury. However, when Ervilus is on the field, he is tough to stop. He projects as a big-time tight end at the next level, but could be split out wide, similar to how the University of Pittsburgh used Jonathon Baldwin.
This group of athletes is very strong. These are some of the top athletes in the state, as well as the country. Most of these players can and will be moved around to multiple positions during their collegiate career, which really speaks to their versatility. Here are the "Athletes" that made the FlaVarsity Top 160.
Eddie Williams
6-foot-4 | 200 | Arnold
Buzz: Howard is the closest thing to a lock down corner that you will find. He can stay with WR's step for step and really breaks on the ball better than anyone.
Ricardo Louis
6-foot-2 | 190 | Miami Beach
Buzz: Louis makes the game look far too easy. He is a very smooth runner and is very shifty. He has long strides and he covers a lot of ground in a short period of time.
Guito Ervilus
6-foot-5 | 225 | Oak Ridge
Buzz: Ervilus is a dangerous player. He loves contact and may be the best blocking TE in the state. He plays mean at all times and his size/speed combo is impressive.
Schools in the mix: Florida, Florida State, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisville
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Travares Copeland
5-foot-11 | 175 | Treasure Coast
Buzz: Copeland has shown very good route running, physicality off the line of scrimmage, and very good hands. He projects as a receiver at the next level.
Schools in the mix: Cincinnati, FAU, FIU, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisville, USF, Wake Forest, West Virginia
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Mike Dumas
6-foot-2 | 185 | Island Coast
Buzz: Dumas has very good closing speed and terrific size for a defensive back. He has played quarterback, so that should help him with decision making in the secondary.
Schools in the mix: Connecticut, Florida State, Maryland, Notre Dame, Purdue
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Ghierry Vanderkuyp
6-foot-2 | 185 | Hialeah
Buzz: Vanderkuyp is Mr. Everything on the field. He can play receiver, corner, or quarterback. He is very skilled at many positions, but is special at receiver.
Schools in the mix: Buffalo, Central Michigan, FAU, Maryland, Nebraska, Western Michigan
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Patrick Harris
6-foot-1 | 160 | South Lake
Buzz: Harris is impressive at receiver, while always making the big play. He has a knack for going over the middle to make the big catch and has great hands in traffic.
Schools in the mix: Boston College, Duke, Florida State, Iowa State, Memphis, South Carolina, Washington State
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Marcus Allen
6-foot-2 | 210 | Hilliard
Buzz: Allen is a very good athlete with the skills to be a BCS level running back or safety. He is a smart runner that finds the holes well and a terror in the secondary at safety
Schools in the mix: Arkansas, Boston College, Duke, Florida State, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisville, Miami, SMU, Tennessee
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Jordan Armstrong
5-foot-10 | 175 | Felix Varela
Buzz: Speed kills and Armstrong has plenty of it. He is shifty and can change direction really well. With continued work, he could develop into a solid receiver.
Schools in the mix: FIU, Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, Minnesota, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Ti'on Green
6-foot-0 | 192 | Lake Brantley
Buzz: Green can do it all. He plays running back, receiver, and defensive back. He is solid on offense, but he has potential to be an excellent defensive back with his range.
Schools in the mix: Cincinnati, East Carolina, FAU, FIU, Indiana, Louisville, Memphis, South Carolina, Temple
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
J.T. Washington
5-foot-9 | 160 | Satellite
Buzz: Washington has short, choppy steps which increase his ability to change direction. He follows his blockers well and has good speed.
Vegas Harley
6-foot-1 | 185 | Mount Dora
Buzz: Harley has an extremely impressive offensive game. He is shifty, runs very hard, and is tough to bring down. He could develop into a back or receiver.
Schools in the mix: FIU, Georgia Southern, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa State, Memphis, South Alabama, Temple, USF
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Dominique Gibson
5-foot-10 | 190 | Glades Central
Buzz: Most like Gibson as a linebacker, but I really like him at running back at the next level. He keeps a low pad level, has strong legs, and runs very hard.
Schools in the mix: East Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Marshall, Memphis, TCU, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Jalen Spencer
6-foot-1 | 185 | Pensacola
Buzz: Spencer has very good speed and could play either receiver or cornerback for South Florida. He reads the play well on defense, but needs to be more physical.
Lynn Griffin
6-foot-0 | 195 | Providence
Buzz: Griffin is athletic enough to play linebacker, safety, or running back at the next level. He is very slippery on offense and is a big hitter on defense.
Schools in the mix: Duke, FAU, FIU, Miami (OH), Southern Miss, Troy, UCF, UConn, Vanderbilt
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Craig Brodsky
5-foot-11 | 195 | Fleming Island
Buzz: Brodsky is a very talented athlete. He could be a very solid 4 year player at safety or corner. He is very smart and he can read where the play is going early.
College Decision: ELON UNIVERSITY
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