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FlaVarsity ranks the top offensive lineman in FL

Football is won in the trenches and a big, athletic offensive line could be all a team needs to get to the promise land. Over the past few years, the state of Florida hasn't been the greatest place to find top offensive lineman, but that all seems to be changing this year.
There are a whopping 16 offensive linemen in this year's FlaVarsity Top 160. We have mammoth maulers, such as Abraham Garcia
the 6-foot-6, 339 pound lineman from the University School, and we have smaller, quick, athletic lineman, such as Ty Darlington
the 6-foot-3, 274 pound lineman from Apopka high school. There are players that could come in and start from day one at the next level, such as John Theus
, the 6-foot-6, 292 pound lineman from Bolles high school, Avery Young
, the 6-foot-6, 273 pound lineman from Palm Beach Gardens high school, and Jessamen Dunker
, the 6-foot-6, 315 pound lineman from Boynton Beach high school. There are also a few under-the-radar prospects that really haven't been recruited as highly as they will be. Josh Murriel, the 6-foot-5, 302 pound lineman from Port St. Lucie high school, Will Holden, the 6-foot-6, 275 pound lineman from Florida Clay, and Kameron Davis, the 6-foot-6, 280 pound lineman from Boyd Anderson all lack major offers, but that will all change after this season.
This class of lineman is unmatched by any other state across the country and has names to be remembered in the future. Here are the offensive lineman that made this year's FlaVarsity Top 160.
John Theus
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-6 | 292 | Bolles
Buzz: Theus has great technique, size, and is college ready now. He has potential to be a 4-year starter. If he stays healthy, we are looking at a future NFL tackle.
Schools in the mix: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Notre Dame, Texas
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Avery Young
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-6 | 273 | Palm Beach Gardens
Buzz: Young is very athletic. He gets to the second level with ease. He also uses his size to dominate the opposition. Sacks are nearly impossible against Young.
Schools in the mix: Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Miami, NC State, Virginia Tech
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Jessamen Dunker
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-6 | 315 | Boynton Beach
Buzz: Dunker is a house, but he's not immobile. He has very good feet and uses his hands well. He may have more potential than any offensive lineman.
Evan Goodman
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-4 | 290 | Lakeland
Buzz: Goodman has a solid frame and has very little bad weight. He really shined against Dante Fowler Jr. in 1-on-1's this offseason and is very technically sound.
Schools in the mix: Auburn, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Ohio State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Arizona State
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Patrick Miller
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-7 | 260 | Dwyer
Buzz: Miller may be the most athletic offensive lineman in the state. At 6-foot-7 and 260 pounds, he is a force and has the frame to add more good weight.
Schools in the mix: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, West Virginia
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Ty Darlington
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-3 | 274 | Apopka
Buzz: Darlington is a hardnosed, blue-collar player. He's a guy that will give you 100% effort all game. He has future All-American center written all over him.
Cody Waldrop
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-4 | 315 | Armwood
Buzz: Waldrop is aggressive and plays with a mean streak. He punishes defenders and will tell you about it. He will improve even more once he tones up his body.
Schools in the mix: Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Daniel Isidora
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-3 | 330 | Cypress Bay
Buzz: Isidora is a massive individual. He is some bad weight, but holds his weight well. This kid will be tremendous with a proper nutrition and weight program.
Schools in the mix: Illinois, Miami, Michigan, North Carolina State, Tulsa, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Wisconsin
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Ereck Flowers
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-6 | 305 | Miami Norland
Buzz: Flowers has some of the best footwork of all the offensive lineman in the state. He is athletic and can really move well for a man of his size.
Colby Watson
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-6 | 320 | Pine Forest
Buzz: Watson's elite size takes him a long way. He uses his hands well and has good enough feet at this point. He will need to tone his body to hit his peak.
Schools in the mix: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Louisville, LSU, South Alabama
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Duaron Williams
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-3 | 304 | Jones
Buzz: Williams has really improved his technique this offseason. He plays really aggressive and has a swagger about his game. He really has terrific feet as well.
Schools in the mix: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Mississippi State, Rutgers, Temple, UCF, USF
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Abraham Garcia
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-6 | 339 | University School
Buzz: Garcia has the prototypical size of a big time lineman. He has good feet for a man his size and he isn't lazy at all. His work ethic will shine at the next level.
Schools in the mix: Auburn, Florida, Marshall, Miami, Ohio State, USF, Wisconsin
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Robert Conyers
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-5 | 277 | Braddock
Buzz: If you like mean lineman, you will like Conyers. He's aggressive and gets to the 2nd level quickly. His feet are impressive, but he could add some strength.
Schools in the mix: Florida, FAU, FIU, Michigan State, Northwestern, USF, West Virginia
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Reno Henderson
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-4 | 245 | Vanguard
Buzz: Henderson was a great pickup for USF. He has a great frame to add weight and has very good footwork. He is also athletic enough to slide laterally with ease.
Kameron Davis
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-6 | 280 | Boyd Anderson
Buzz: Davis is a raw lineman that has a ton of potential. His size is hard to find and he hasn't come close to hitting his peak. With work, he could play anywhere.
Schools in the mix: East Carolina, Illinois, Louisville, Miami, SMU, Wake Forest, West Virginia
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Josh Murriel
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-5 | 302 | Port St. Lucie
Buzz: Murriel has incredible size. He is similar to Michael Oher in high school. Once he tones up his frame and strengthens his body, he will be tough to stop.
Schools in the mix: FAU, FIU, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Miami, Marshall, Memphis, UCF, USF
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
Will Holden
Offensive Lineman
6-foot-6 | 275 | Florida Clay
Buzz: Holden has the size that coaches covet. He has impressive footwork and he really uses his size and strength to create major holes.
Schools in the mix: Louisville, South Florida, Wake Forest
College Decision: UNCOMMITTED
If you have any questions or comments, Tom Loy, FlaVarsity.com Recruiting Analyst, can be reached at tomloy2006@hotmail.com and you can follow him on Twitter - @tomloy2002.