FV100 No. 22: Gainesville All-Purpose back Tony James

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FlaVarsity analysts have reviewed the players, the film and the accolades and compiled our own Post-season countdown of the top 50 players in the state of Florida for the class of 2014.
Our list may vary a bit from the Rivals list - and we can appreciate that - even though we're all on the same team. Our analysts have NFL and Major College experience and see things a little differently from time to time.
James has been at Gainesville for two years and was one of the top rushers in the area. More specifically, he was one of the top threats in the area - as he catches the ball very well in space and makes great reads of the defense. He uses his hips to shift and cut - which often leaves a defender clutching at air. James is a slashing style runner, and beats you with cut-backs and speed. He'll fit well into the Oregon offense.
Video: - Senior Highlights: Tony James
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