FV100 No. 4 - Booker T. Washington DE Chad Thomas

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Unblockable - that was the first impression we had when watching Thomas against some very good offensive linemen in the UnderArmour practices. He is tall, strong and agile. He's also quick off the ball and uses his length to keep blockers away from his body.
He's a sack-master and should be able to work his way into the defensive end early at Miami. Needs to develop a few more moves, but as he grows bigger and stronger - he will only get better. At 6-5, there's room on his frame to add about 15-20 pounds without hurting his speed. Off the edge - it's almost always a nightmare.
The question we have is - what will he do when someone bigger, faster and stronger hits him back. That's where we see the need for new moves.
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