FV100 No 40: Jimmy Bayes

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FlaVarsity analysts have reviewed the players, the film and the accolades and compiled our own Post-season countdown of the top 50 players in the state of Florida for the class of 2014.
Our list may vary a bit from the Rivals list - and we can appreciate that - even though we're all on the same team. Our analysts have NFL and Major College experience and see things a little differently from time to time.
Bayes is tall, strong and fast - a great combination for a receiver or a linebacker - which Bayes played both. An early commit for USF (January 30, 2013) he's stuck with the Bulls throughout the recruiting season. Bayes has the instinct to play outside linebacker and shined in the Semper Fi Bowl. He helped the Immokalee Indians to the 5A state runner-up spot in 2012.
On defense, Bayes is a head-hunter, looking for contact and flying to the ball. He's quick off the snap and reads the pass patterns very well. He drops into coverage well and works with his teammates. Once he gets to USF and gets in the weight room and at the training table, he'll be a beast. Look for him to play defense at USF.
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