FV100 - No. 43: Montel McBride

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FlaVarsity analysts have reviewed the players, the film and the accolades and compiled our own Post-season countdown of the top 50 players in the state of Florida for the class of 2014.
Our list may vary a bit from the Rivals list - and we can appreciate that - even though we're all on the same team. Our analysts have NFL and Major College experience and see things a little differently from time to time.
McBride impressed us in February of 2013 at the BCP Ignite event - and hasn't stopped since. His footwork is strong and will only get better. He has a mean streak - and likes to pancake people - which is perfect for Alabama. McBride's size is good, but when he gets to Alabama and gets in a college strength and conditioning program, he'll likely slim down a little - but bulk up.
He had a good all star outing and that helped bring him a bit higher in our rankings.
Senior Hi-lites - Montel McBride
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