Is Jackson still committed to WVU

There has been a lot of drama around the University of West Virginia football program. There have been many rumors and allegations spread about the program and the coaching staff. Whether the allegations prove to be true or not, only time will tell. In the mean time, there is one current commitment that will be looking around.
First Coast high school, junior linebacker Joseph Jackson, one of the top players at his position in the state of Florida, will be taking some visits and really looking hard to see if he wants to remain committed to the West Virginia program.
"I am so confused right now. I hear nothing but negative things about WVU right now and I don't know what's true. I heard that the coaching staff may or may note be there when I get there. I also heard rumors that Coach (Dana) Holgorsen has had some issues in the past and I'm not sure what to think about that. It's tough to deal with."
When asked about the main reason he committed to West Virginia, Jackson mentioned the school itself, but was quick to mention a certain coach being a major influence on his decision.
"Coach (Robert) Gillespie is my guy and I heard different things about him. I'm now hearing that he may or may not be there after all of this. Coach Gillespie is my main recruiter and we have developed a great relationship. He was one of the major reasons I committed to them. It would be tough to go there without him being there."
With the issues being all over every media outlet, it is very difficult for Jackson to clear his head. He did, however, want to make two things clear.
"I want this to be known. I am committed still. I may be thinking about de-committing, but for right now, I am still committed and I love being part of the WVU class. I just want to make sure that this is the best place for me and that my coaches will all be there when I get there. Also, I want to take visits. I really want to take trips to the University of North Carolina, the University of Miami, and Ole Miss. Once I take those trips, I am pretty sure will have my mind made up."
Jackson is currently 6-foot-1 and has increased his weight to 220 pounds, while remaining one of the quickest linebackers in the state of Florida.
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