Lakeland, Kathleen battle for pride

LAKELAND: QB Isaiah Walker, LB TJ Simmons, DL Jalen Stevenson, LB Buzz Williams, LB Trey Threat.
KATHLEEN: QB A'Treyu Farrior, RB Ravonta Johnson, WR Javon Harrison, DL Corinthian Abram, DB Kevin Wilson.
THE OUTLOOK: "…..even though their schedule (district and non-district) is pretty much the equivalent of Duke or Kentucky Basketball playing in the Atlantic Sun or Big South." Yep, that would be me that said that at the beginning of the season; and then last week happened, so if you can't laugh at yourself then you shouldn't laugh at anyone else right? RIGHT?!
The fact remains this is still a game for SERIOUS bragging rights and the way things have transpired in all of Polk County this season, a Sasquatch is liable to run onto the field and lead the Tuba Section around at halftime. Yes, it HAS been that strange.
Imagine the season that "could have been" for Kathleen. They lost to Ridge 20-19, Lake Gibson 15-13, they gave Winter Haven all they could handle before finally dropping that game 27-21, beat Auburndale (who's proven their worth) and then gave Bartow the business (31-7) who in turn gave Lakeland fits.
I may in fact have just confused even myself just now, but it fits perfectly with the way things have gone. You could have seen the writing on the wall with Lakeland when they squeaked by Bartow 17-10, Hialeah 21-14, and then Jenkins 30-27, but no one saw a 7-0 defeat coming; no one.
On paper, it appears this could head towards an instant classic believe it or not, but that's on paper. After losing their first game to a Polk County team in NINE years (their first regular season loss in five), I'm going to assume that the Lakeland players are ready to eat glass without any ketchup or mustard to make the digestion easier and will probably take out as much pain as possible on their rivals, BUT their rivals aren't scared in the least. Should be a slobberknocker with the 'Naughts pulling away late.
PREDICTION Lakeland 35, Kathleen 14
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