Pick-em Playoffs - week 4

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Round 4- Road to Orlando - The final round of playoff Pick-em
Picking 24 games last week proved to be 'no problem' for two of you that went 22 of 24. Congratulations to week 3 winner Trajan01 - who won the tie-breaker over Beef75.
Like the regular season - 307mac has the lead with 37, followed by Redfishman with 36 and Beef75 with 34. Top three finishers get the prize pack.
So - with that said, here's the final weekend of games for the post-season contest, but the regular season contest will continue through next week's big school finals. 307mac (123) has the lead there by seven games over Decleater (116) and four are tied at 114.
Get your picks in now for week
Deadline is THURSDAY at 8 PM. This week there will be no exceptions to late entries.