Prospect Breakdown - Chris Bivins

Gainesville high school is home to one of the most talented cornerbacks in the state of Florida. Chris Bivins has all the tools to be an outstanding corner at the collegiate level. He was ranked the 6th best cornerback in the FlaVarsity Top 160, as well as the 55th overall best prospect. listed him as the 33rd best cornerback in the entire country and the 59th best player in the state of Florida. Here is a scouting report on the University of South Florida commitment.
Scouting Report
Bivins is an absolutely smooth athlete. He makes things look very easy in the secondary and is transition in and out of his backpedal is close to flawless. For a high school cornerback, he is very technically sound. When watching him play, most would think that he was a young college athlete. He is a smart football player and uses that to his advantage.
The 5-foot-11, 170 pound athlete is a student of the game and is instincts can prove that. He studies his opponents and works hard to know where their tendencies before they step on the field. That type of work ethic is rare when dealing with a high school athlete. Bivins participated in "The Opening" in Beaverton, Oregon, as well as the "Gridiron Kings" in Kissimmee, Florida. He was terrific at both events. He was one of the top playmakers in the secondary for both events and did so against some of the best competition in the country. He was very physical in coverage and was aggressive when attacking the ball in the air. One thing that most would like to see out of him is that same aggressive and physical nature at the line of scrimmage. At times, it seems that Bivins doesn't realize how truly strong, talented, and gifted he actually is. There are times where he can overpower the receiver right at the line of scrimmage, but he chooses to give them a cushion. The more he trusts his abilities, the more he will improve as a player.
Chris Bivins is just a solid, impressive football player. He may not be incredible at one, single facet of the game, but he is solid and consistent at every aspect. He consistently shows good ball skills, while hanging on the hip of every receiver that he goes against. He is a risk taker, but he takes calculated risks. His aggressive nature can get him in trouble at times, but he makes plenty of more plays than he gives up. University of South Florida fans will really enjoy watching Bivins for the next 4 years, pending he signs his letter of intent with the Bulls next February. He is a high character kid, who is a terrific person as well. He is humble, hard-working, and has major goals for himself. He is the type of kid that will be successful at the next level and who people will be pulling for.
Tom Loy, is the Recruiting Analyst and can be reached at and followed on Twitter - @tomloy2002.