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Prospect Video FAQs

Welcome to FlaVarsity.com's Prospect Video FAQs page. We complied some of the most common questions we receive about prospect videos. We hope it will help answer questions you may have. If you don't find an answer you are looking for, please email us!
Who can send in tape?
Our goal is to be Florida's best source for high school sports. We want to provide exposure for Sunshine State players through exclusive video, prospect database and interviews. After all, we have some of the best talent in the country and we want everyone to know about them! While it is impossible for us to include every player in our prospect database or publish every video, we try hard to ensure that players with D1 talent are highlighted and featured.
If you are a prospect with interest from division one schools, have respectable stats and are a sophomore, junior or senior please send us your video. We would love to feature you in our next installment.
Do you only accept football video?
No, we accept basketball and baseball video as well.
What format of video can I submit?
You can submit mini DV, VHS or DVD format.
Do I need to include anything with my video?
Please fill out the Prospect Questionnaire
You may either submit it online or print it out and include it with your mailing.
Please also email us a quality photo so we can include it in your profile. Email it to:
Do the tapes need to be edited (showing only player highlights)?
No, if you have only game tape, you can still submit it to us. Just be sure to include the jersey color of your team, player number and position.
Can the tapes be returned?
We will make every effort to return it, but we highly recommend sending us a copy rather than your master copy.
I am a coach and I have several players on my team that I want featured. How do I go about sending you video?
No problem. Send us their highlights.
What if I don't have the capability of doing highlights? Can I send game tape?
Yes. However, try to submit several games, not just one game and tell us what players you want highlighted. Be sure to include player numbers, position, stats and the prospect questionnaire for each player.
Once you receive the tape, will you put it up as a feature on FlaVarsity.com?
We cannot guarantee we can do an article on every prosepct tape we receive, but we do send them to our headquarters to include it in the Prospect Database.
OK, so where do I send it?
For U.S. Mail:
Michael Langston
3232 Emerson Lane
Tallahassee, FL 32317
For other mail (FedEx, UPS, etc.) contact Michael at michael@flavarsity.com
If you have any other questions, please contact us!