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Seven Floridians on Team Highlight roster

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LAKE BUENA VISTA - Team Highlight doesn't have as much Florida flavor as team Nitro, but the ones who make up the roster are ready to prove their strengths.
FlaVarsity.com Talent Analyst James Coleman II from Godspeed Elite Sports Performance breaks down the six Team Highlight members from Florida.
- Jacob Pugh - Pugh brings that little 'Tallahassee' flavor, hard work ethic with a little bit of city flair. He's fast and physical, and when he comes down hill he hits you. He played very consistent picking up running backs in pass coverage. He plays with 'mean intentions'.
- Kain Daub - Kain had some plays where he wasn't there and he had some plays where he was. He made some great things happen, especially coming off the edge. He takes on blocks very well and sheds the blocker. He's going to early enroll and that will help with his development. You can definitely see the athleticism.
- Travis Rudolph - When you are looking for skill positions, you're looking for someone that can create space and create opportunities for your quarterback. That's something that Rudolph can do. People recruit this state because of our speed. He's got great hands and runs very crisp routes.
- Nick Linder - He does a couple of things that you really like. One - he gets the ball back to the QB consistently. He's also able to get his feet and shoot his hands. This is the most complicated part - especially at center. You've got to be the QB of the line and direct everyone else. In this 3-4 setting, you've got to be able to take on a guy who's 300-320 pounds and strong as a bull. He does a great job of taking on the double-team.
- Michael O'Connor - You can tell the maturity. He has great poise and reads the defense very well. He makes great throws and has some great leadership skills and that's a major plus heading into college. You can see the coaching he's gotten from IMG.
- Sean White - Great athlete. Makes plays with his feet and has a strong arm. He may need to develop a year or two in the college system, but he's got the raw talent to be an impact player. He'll fit right into the Auburn mold.
- Bo Scarbrough - Very strong power runner. He's got the footwork to be an inside or outside threat. I like the way he lowers the shoulder and isn't afraid to take on the linebackers when in space. A little bit of Greg Jones style running. He's going to be hard to stop in a one-on-one setting.
The UnderArmour All America game is January 2 at 4 PM on ESPNU.