Spotlight: 2016 Fleming Island RB

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Earlier this month Flemming Island (Fla.) 2016 running back Trey Sneed caught some attention when he ran a 4.52 40 yard dash and also 4.0 shuttle run during the Blue and Greg combine in Tampa.
Sneed's 40-yard dash finished top five of the whole combine, so there's no question speed is his forte.
"I would say my running style is kind of close to Emmit Smith because I grew up watching him and now I really like Arian Foster. I think I am more of a cutback runner and I love to beat safeties to the edge."
This past season was successful Flemming Island, finishing the season with a 9-1 record. Though it was a good season as a whole for the team, Sneed said it could have been a lot better individually on his part.
"It wasn't really my idea of a great season," said Snead. "I came in the starter in the first game and then broke my hand and was out for like the whole season and came by the last three games. In those last three games I was able to show I was back strong so I think I showed I have the potential to come in and do big things next year."
Though he's been injured for the last season college coaches are still taking notice to this 5-foot-10, 188-pounder.
"FIU came by my school and their recruiter had a little talk with my coach about me, which was really cool. I have also camped at Clemson last year and did well there and they had a recruiter come by that got all my info and all that. They said they would keep an eye on me. I am going back to camp at Clemson this summer too."
Clemson isn't the only camp this speedy junior to be will attend this summer.
"I am also going to hit Mizzou camp, I want to go out to Ole Miss, and then I have one more and I think it's going to be Baylor."
Sneed admitted he hasn't heard a lot from the in-state schools in Florida just yet, but hopes to in the future.
"I grew up watching a whole lot of Miami and always have been fascinated by the athletes that come from there especially running back. My brother went to FSU also so were big on FSU at my house."