St.Thomas battles Lincoln for 7A Title

St.Thomas Aquinas: QB John O' Korn, RB Fred Coppet, RB Madre London, DE Joey Bosa, DE Anthony Moten
Lincoln: QB Cameron Joseph, RB Benjamin Robinson, WR Reggie Davis, LB James Hearns, CB Kendall Randolph
What a Friday Night it was for the both of these teams and what a week it must certainly have been to this point. People (including myself) all but wrote this Raiders squad last week even though their record at home vs. Manatee was perfect and it would be inadvisable to corner them this time of season regardless of venue as well as they've been playing. It's been over 2 months since they've tasted defeat and it's because their team is as complete on offense and defense as it's been in the championship seasons past; even without their customary "marquee" names so-to-speak.
Lincoln, by many accounts should be here. Their games vs. St. Paul's in New Orleans and Osceola last week taught them how to win on nights when their A-game was nowhere to be found, and their loss to Godby put perspective into how quickly that B-game can get them beat. The Trojans have become accustomed to winning games that require cardiac resuscitation, but they do it in such impressive fashion whether big plays or insanely physical defense.
If the both of these teams do what they're supposed to do on offense, take the over; WAY over. IF both these teams play defense the way they played last week, disregard the previous advice with one of those "Men In Black" memory thingamajigs. Both have playmakers on each side and it will most likely be a defensive TD that wins this game. There's a final score that one of these teams may recognize. In the immortal words of Yogi Berra posed as a question; déjà vu all over again?
PREDICTION: Lincoln 17, St.Thomas Aquinas 14
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