Tre Watson: Time for a new chapter

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Tampa Catholic linebacker Tre Watson will keep his diary for each week, and give us a perspective on the recruiting trail. His mother, Christa Phillips-Watson - will also contribute from a parent's perspective.
The end and the beginning!
Wow, it's hard to believe that the culmination of all my hard work in the classroom and on the football field will finally come to fruition.
Just thinking about signing day gave me chills because of how incredible this moment is for me and my family! It's crazy knowing that out of the millions of high school players working their butts off all their lives I will be one of the few that get to sign and play Division 1 football.
It's honestly hard to think about sometimes; few events in my life have been as significant as this one.
Since I learned what football was and fell in love with the game, it has been my goal to play college football. Knowing that I have been able to secure that opportunity for myself is mind blowing.
After all that my parents have done for me in my life setting me up for this moment, I am able to take the weight of paying for any school off their shoulders because I have a FULL scholarship. Just think about that for a second... FULL. That in itself is hard to comprehend.
Whenever you work for something in your life, you always work to see the fruits of your labor. The fact that I get to see mine is astounding and a blessing. It's taken years of work, stressful situations, and sacrifices in my life and that of my family to get me where I am today.
I couldn't be more thankful for everyone who has helped me along the way from coaches, friends, my family, and just about everyone else. I respect all the competition I've faced in my years as well as all the doubters and haters who second guessed my abilities, goals, and success. I know there will always be people along the way who just don't want to see you succeed and they have helped me become the man that I am today.
To all the schools that recruited me, I honestly am grateful whether you offered me or not. It has been great to work my way through this recruiting process, both the ups and the downs. Receiving offers, having them taken away from you; in the end I have learned from all of my experiences and will use the lessons moving forward in my career.
To be honest, the recruiting process is one that you come in thinking you are going to love; then you come out wishing that experience upon no one because of how ruthless it can be. But, you are able to learn from it all and grow as an individual.
At the end of it all, I'm just thankful for God putting me in this position and am itching to put that final signature on the dotted line(by the time you read this, that will be COMPLETE).
I've really enjoyed sharing my experiences with the world and I hope I've provided everyone with a little something to help in the future.
Be blessed, Thank you and Go Illini!!!