Week zero Pre-season - OOS games Oh my

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Let's not call it "Week Zero" anymore when there are teams playing from Thursday-Monday. It's more like "Week of Chaos", or "Week of More Than Zero". Okay, so it's easier to say "preseason" really, but if these past 4-5 days are any indicator of what's to come….then, hold on tight. Here's what I learned; or I think I did.
Regardless of the wins/losses, it's good to be a Florida HSFB aficionado…
There's going to be some record-setting talent coming through this state in the next 2-3 years, and we need to embrace these matchups rather than cringe in some cases.
Some of those teams with OOS games are definitely banged up after this weekend, but there's no substitute for the experience that all of the teams gained; win OR lose. Like it or not, these games are the trend and the market is there.
We've got matchups in our own state that can draw attention nationally, or we can go regional or national with our elite teams and can hold it down. It's more than just financial capitalism. It's opportunity for others, which is the first step.
Don't judge a book in 1080p…
This just in, Apopka is still good without Zack Darlington and will move forward. Cypress Bay still is good, and so are Plant and Dwyer. I just happened to see teams like Lincoln, American Heritage, and Godby do even better things than what originally thought (which is scary), and I've just been told by "sources" that Booker T. has accepted (along with Central) an invite to the ACC.
Okay maybe that was a little hyperbolic, but you get the point. Although those two rosters may end up with enough players in the conference to form their own teams when it's all said and done.
Family is family; even when they're not yours…
What I witnessed in Norcross with Booker T. and Lincoln was nothing short of the coolest thing in the world.
The indelible images of solidarity from these teams whether amongst themselves or each other was a classic example of perspective leading the premise; which is the way it should always be when you're colors may be different, yet you're mission is to accomplish a greater good.
Credit goes to Coach Tim "Ice" Harris and Yusuf Shakir and their staffs. They are quintessential examples of how to manage the inherit "burden" good & bad of the statement that kicked off this thought.
"Excuse me sir, can you please give me the number for 9-1-1…"
With re-districting and classifications playing themselves out, there's a potential set of regular season games that could make this year be about as memorable as they've been in years past.
Just because your favorite team lost or got banged up doesn't mean they're missing the playoffs does it? There's not enough space in this column, but it doesn't take long to see THIS weekend's set of OOS games, local rivalry games in Week 1 and opening weekend of college could make my head explode either. I hope not.
That's a lot for my dog to clean up.