Wiggins work ethic is matched by few

NFL scouts want wide receivers with great size and speed. LaMarlin Wiggins, a junior, wide receiver from Plant City high school, already has the size that NFL scouts covet. Standing at 6-foot-3 and 195 lb's, Wiggins is already ahead of the game due to a relentless work ethic and the will to achieve great things in his future. New to the recruiting scene, Wiggins will be spending this summer doing all he can to get his name on the radar.
"Earlier this year, I went out to California for some camps. I went to a camp at USC and had a great time. I played really well on day 1 at receiver and then I hurt my hamstring. I wasn't able to work on day 2, but overall, I had a good time while I was out there. The campus was very nice out there. I was impressed. After that trip, I came home and then headed to a camp at the University of Florida and I definitely played well there. I was happy with my work at both places. I am ready to show off my talents this summer and catch the eye of some schools."
Wiggins didn't visit a great deal of schools this year, but there were two schools that he visited that were very high on his list.
"I went to games at the University of Miami and South Florida. I watched a lot of their games this season. I came away impressed by both schools. In fact, South Florida is the school I hear from the most. Them, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Central Florida, they all contact me the most."
Wiggins is still getting a feel for the schools that he is interested in, but he definitely knows what he is looking for in a school that will fit him best.
"I really want to go to a school with a balanced offense. I don't want to go to a school that just throws the ball or just runs the ball. That doesn't fit what I want to do. I want a school that runs and passes the ball the same amount. I feel I am a great blocker and I can really show that off at a school that runs the ball. In the passing game, I am very aggressive off the snap and when going after the ball in the air. I am hard working, I always run hard, and I finish every route. I just try to be perfect."
Even though Wiggins had a solid junior season, he has big goals for his senior year. He is hoping that a strong senior year will increase his offer list from the six offers that he currently has.
"I played really well this year. I averaged about 16.5 yards per catch, had 6 touchdowns, and about 650 yards receiving. I currently have six offers right now. USF, UCF, Southern Cal, Auburn, UCLA, and Virginia Tech have offered me. I am open to all the schools that have offered me, but I want more. I want to have a big senior year. I want around 50 catches and 1,000 yards receiving. "
With all the big names that have offered Wiggins, there is one school that stands above the rest.
"South Florida is definitely my leader. I am very big on USF right now. I plan on visiting them again very soon. I just like everything about them."